Triple Accounting community launched

On last friday 14 january 2011, we lanched the “Triple Accounting” community. We provide value assessments of immaterials, cultural assessments, risk assessments, leading to “corporate acupuncture” roll-outs for more coherence with emerging values. This creates more resilient and profitable companies.

Triple Accounting is a new method for evaluating intangible assets, intangibles, goodwill, qualify and quantify in euro, but also detect the negative, passive intangible potential to create value. It’s sort of decoding the DNA of the company, its value, its identity. Or, an MRI scan of the current situation, and its alignment with human values expected by customers and employees.

This will give 3 balance sheets:
head of the company: the knowledge capital, knowledge and expertise,…
the heart of the company: the brand, motivation, customer loyalty of employee,…
body of the company: the traditional balance sheet
A 120 entries referential, reconnecting business with its rationale, its purpose, its contribution to “common good”.
Needs and human values are at the heart of the algorithm, and it allows you to make the link between the figures, business, human, past and future, the aim of the corporation.

We started with a 35°C swimming pool experience, with Nicole Mabille. It energized us for the whole day and imprinted a very special atmosphere within the group.

To find an UHDR Triple Accounting Partner, send mail to


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