Positive answer to top consultant Roland Berger and US Army War College

Following the Roland Berger paper “Diriger et Réussir dans un monde nouveau”, where they qualify our world as “VUCA”, acronym created by the US Army War College – I have a humble additional answer as a key to success of this metamorphosis we are in.


Drastic, violent and rapid changes, black swans, sociopolitical shifts, natural disasters, disruptive innovations of new entrants.


Future of resources, of social peace, of macro-economical cycles, of political centers of gravity, religious and belief systems changing.


Multipolar interconnected world with systemic challenges, increasing regulations and interactions, more diversified decision and control patterns; density and speed of information inflow. Threats and opportunities ask for a systemic understanding.


Opportunities and challenges are interconnected and often incompatible with fundamentals. Financials against ethics, sustainability against profitability, social peace against austerity,…


My answer, as a key to unleash the best in each of us is – with the same acronym:


Agility, capacity to jump on opportunities with a flexible and autonomous team. Activate potential intrapreneurs and offering them space to experiment and develop new approaches.


Connected with self, with the other, with environment, with resources, with stakeholders, so we can detect hidden and underused resources, and eventually connect them with new intelligence, creating new ways to create added value and business models.


Trust and common sense, non-judgement, open-mindedness, take time for yourself, to play, before taking decisions, take them more instinctively and intuitively, activating collective intelligence. Clarity and simplicity through new perspectives of perception, more 3-dimensional, as kids can do in play-mode… precious qualities we kill in school by collective brain-washing.


Systemic understanding of the ecosystems of challenges, measuring value, resources and needs on several levels into this ecosystems.  Understanding and measuring intangible/immaterial aspects of life and business, learn how to deal with them. Develop a new rigor and competence on how to interconnect human values, empowerment, creativity, resources and potential, eventualy serving common good.


What do you think is important to develop as a person ?


Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder



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