7D-Value in short…

What it is

A new way to map, qualify, quantify, assess value for a person, a team, a company, a city, a country – and to show how value can be created.


Why it is important

– We are in a more and more dematerialized world. Intangible value exceeds 80% of the market cap of most large companies. Immaterial value is human value.

– There is a tremendous growth potential there (over 1 billion billion dollars)

– We should learn to name and work with these immaterial human assets and potentials, instead of only focusing on material issues representing less than 20% of the assets.

– Linear business models based on material accumulation have largely shown their limites – systemic multi-dimensional models are “in”.


Why it is unique

– It shows 7 balance sheets, in a detailed and very ergonomic and logical way. It point out where are the powerful assets of the person or company, and where the most value can be created.

– No other assessment, accounting system or calculation methodology adresses intangible liabilities, there where this is the potential, the “corporate antimatter”

– It is very simple, anybody can understand it and work on projects to create value.


What will be the impact

– It will change the way we think, work, and calculate.

– It will put human talent, values and potential in the center of all decisions

– It will naturally include earth and common good in every venture and decision, and lower and/or compensate negative impacts of ventures

– It will lower unemployment, solve systemic challenges, stress and burnout,

– It will include diverse populations into contributing to meaningful ventures (age, culture, gender, social background,…)

– More alignment with personal values and human empowerment- and thus increase engagement, motivation and happyness of populations

– Most societal needs will be encountered

– Health and education will be enhanced and become much cheaper
Michel de Kemmeter
UHDR UniverseCity founder

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