from Gross National Business to Global Happyness…

Global consciousness has rizen dramatically in the last years: ecology, lifestyle, human and spiritual values, personal and corporate coherence and alignment. From top to bottom, people suffer from stress, pressure, complexity and disconnexion from deep values and aspirations. I witnessed this: very simple working people talk like wise yogi, and top-leaders are very worried about the future of the people they are responsible of. We are at the eve of the emergence of something totally new. Whether you wanty it or nort, whether you participate in it or not. Sure is the people who are able to “clean up” their life the first, will be able to participate a first ones, contribute the most, and find their balance and happiness as first – suffer the less. It’s your choice.

It’s now very clear a new thinking and working needs to be injected into society. Change hurts only the neolimbic brain cells… but above all, greatly stimulate the prefrontal braincells, base of creativity and happyness.

The autistic linear and single intention of accumulating material belongings is shifting into a need to contribute, collaborate and activate everybody’s talent, so we can eventually, together, solve gigantic tsunami’s of interconnected challenges.

But therefore we first need to create an assessment tool, to measure what we want to improve. Mapping value (assets) and potential (liabilities). Someone driving to a mall to shop, and crashes his car on the way back contributes 100x more to GDP than another one growing his vegetables and riding bicycle to his work.

The tool we were waiting for is called 7D-Value. 7 exclusive and exhaustive balance sheets to map and calculate plusses and minuses. One this is done, activating communities, with collective intelligence methods, we can create projects and ventures with stakeholders, to come up with systemic answers.

We did the exercice (qualitative) for the Brussels Region:

brussels 7D-ValueThis tool in application will revolutionize politics, projects, value created, but will also dissolve ego’s and fears.

As is alive in all of us, the will to contribute and the desire to be happy…


Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder



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