The “Motivation Wheel”

Invented in 2001 by Michel de Kemmeter, and first published in 2005 in “The Values of Time”  – Swinti Verlag, is the first model which links fears and needs on one side, and human qualities (inner, spiritual, soft skills) on the “hidden” side.


Fear of insecurity “pushes” behaviour into looking for security

This back-and forth movemenbt can only be “bugged” by developing inner security, which is trust & confidence.

12 vectors of fears and needs are thus mapped into a wheel which allows us to check our behaviour, how it is driven, and where are our “inner answers”.

motivation wheel kairos

motivation wheel chronos



The beauty of the model is linking personal history, trauma’s and blockings to behaviour, and directly be enabled to discover the lessons that can be learned, and human qualities to develop to heal these trauma’s. Experience shows it doesn’t work for heavy mental pathologies.

It was then copy-pasted on exercices for organisations. The needs they answer to clients or public anso can be mapped, and the human qualities which make true difference can be discovered, just by turning the Motivation Wheel around…

It was also published in french in “La Valeur du Temps”, in 2006 with Racine.

It is used for:

– decoding corporate DNA,

– creating coherent company culture

– detecting true motivators behind buying signals

– developing communication DNA and strategies

– calculating immaterial value of an organisation (with Triple Accounting and 7D-Value)

– individual assessment for coaching purposes


Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity


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