“Dual Mastery” – or how to make a real difference in a changing world


I realized – observing outstanding happy and successful people – that they all had 1 thing in common: they have 2 passions they transformed into complementary masteries.  It is strongly anchored in them because of the passion, and because of the knowledge they acquired. Both of the masteries penetrate them, and a very specific and unique excellence is manifested by who they are. They bring a very unique perspective in both areas because of their other excellence, and how they marry both.

It’s way beyond having 2 degrees, even though these people have exeptional careers: medical doctor and osteopath; engineer and jurist; or economist and law…

It should be passionated. Examples:

Steve Jobs: design and computers

Mark Zuckerberg: psychology and web 2.0

and a few people I have personally met:

Geert Noels: finance and biking –


François Goffinet: garden design and philosophy –


Alev Sarc: horse jumping champion and personal coach –


Thibaut Verbiest: lawyer and coach –


Pie Tshibanda: storyteller and sexologist –


Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff: Business owner and mentor –


Steven Beckers: architect and materials C2C expert –


The complementary aspect is very interesting because it makes very original and new links between 2 mastered perspectives. Emerge from them a very special new approach to solve problems, to answer needs, to develop oneself, to contribute to common good or specific projects. It makes them different and attractive.

If all of us on this planet would do this, imagine the exponential growth we could create. Combined, the amount of solutions would be enormous.

Between 7 million people with only 10% aware of their potential, and contributing to common good with their talent,

700 millions empowered people


7 billion empowered people

and then…

7 billion people with 2 masteries contributing to common good:

14 billion talents instead of 700 million

This is just 20 times more human potential to solve the tsunami of challenges facing our humanity…

With this we definetely can make it !

Especially if we start to work together in colective intelligence, it would create

14 billion² solutions, which makes combinations 🙂

So, 1 message: follow your passions, dvelop your 2 masteries !


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