Why the western world will shift to a higher level

maslow shift

I think I understand now in what kind of evolution stage we are in for the moment – in the western world. We have fulfilled most of all the first 4 stages of the pyramid of Maslow. Primary needs, security, social dimensions (even though there is still room for imrovement. Specialists say 70% of the level has to be fulfilled before being able to rize 1 level.

Where we fiddle around is the recognition level – the 4th. Identity. Rizing nationalisms, integrism, regilion, regional independance movements. It’s perfectly logical when you look at this simple model. A dseeper aspiration for pr-uropse and meaning suck us in the 5th level. But there is a glas ceiling. We can only shift from 4a to 4b if we can shift from waiting for our fulfilled needs from outside ourselves… this asks introspection, self-awareness, and love. Love for ourselves, for people, for our regions, for our roots. Then, and only then, we can get to the top of the pyramid.

Concretely, what does it mean ? Look at people who are dealing with ordeals or personal crisis: they have to look inside themselves to find the energy to go on… Now, we are dealing with this on a collective basis: global crisis. Not only financial or economic. Also a human and humanitary and earth crisis. We kind of have no other choice to do our homework. No politic will do it for us. The only thing they have to do is to impulse a collective self-reflexion. Where is the true value of our culture, roots, regions, people. What do we lack, what can we learn from others ? Thgis will re-align power of the collective. It will allow us to collectively reconnect to the best available, inside and outside, and get to a level where everybody will unleash their personal power and creativity.

And this will solve our challenges. The fabulous resource of collective talent. This is an invitation. Let’s start !

On my side, I developed a new economy model called “Resources Systemcis” based on value on several levels (7D-Value), and on systemic organic collaborative growth. Do re with more through truthful collaboration. Join us.

Michel de Kemmeter


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