Bob Massie on “The State of the New Economy Movement”

Here is a (long) video about Bob Massie on the new economy. He confirms in the Usa also an emergent movement is ongoing. Its more focused on sustainability but he speaks about some good ideas and new business models.

Can the Miracle Work Again?

Divestment made a huge difference in ending the brutal apartheid regime in South Africa. Green economy leader and South African divestment expert Bob Massie talks about how we can apply the lessons of South Africa to the fossil fuel divestment movement.

Bob Massie.

Bob Massie is the President and CEO of the New Economy Coalition (formerly the New Economics Institute). During the 1990s while attending Princeton University as an undergraduate, he was one of the pioneering student activists who helped advance the South Africa divestment movement in the US. The movement aimed to undermine South Africa’s brutal apartheid regime, which mandated racial segregation, the relocation of black South Africans to slums, and brutal police and military action to enforce these policies. Many credit the divestment movement as a key effort in dismantling apartheid, which ended in 1994 with the election of President Nelson Mandela.

During his career, Massie has created or led three ground-breaking sustainability initiatives, serving as the president ofCeres (co-founded by Green America and the largest coalition of investors and environmental groups in the United States), as the co-founder and first chair of the Ceres Global Reporting Initiative, and as the initiator of the Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk.

An ordained Episcopal minister, Massie holds a doctorate from Harvard Business School. His 1998 book about the apartheid divestment movement, Loosing the Bonds: The United States and South Africa in the Apartheid Years, won the 1998 Lionel Gelber prize for the world’s best book on international relations. It’s being used as a reference tool today by fossil fuel divestment leaders.


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