Including people in co-creation increases (percieved) value

We are worried about stock markets going down ?

Dan Ariely is an Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics. He teaches at Duke University and is the founder of The Center for Advanced Hindsight. He proved that by increasing difficulty of work, the percieved value of the work (even if it’s of lower quality) is much higher (as much as double). Check this video:

So if we combine challenges of stocks lowering, slowing down of economy, demotivation at work and social unrest, THE solution, as bold as it can be – would be: ask people (employees, customers and stakeholders) to participate in any meaningful project for the company, a huge positive side-effect is going to follow: re-motivation, percieved value, buzzing web 2.0, positive internal and external communication, boosting under the line marketing, and thus sales, boosting creativity and innovation.

This can also be done on a regional scale, in regions where lots of social unrest is, lack of pride, morosity, and it will reboost everything by including citizens into the game. That’s why collective intelligence is a “must”, in communities, in companies, and in regions.

Including people around chalenges, creates value on all immaterial levels:

1. Contribution to common good: when you really ask, people ALL want to contribute to “higher” goals, to noble purpose. If we ask nicely, rare are the people who refuse contributing. Their creativity and engagement will add tremendous value to the quest.

2. Knowledge: by using collective intelligence, we can tap into the grassroot knowledge of people, whether they are clients, employees, citizens or stakeholders. This can sove easily problems quested.

3. Communication: the methodology itself enhances sustainable communication. No other issues.

4. Processes: the top can never know all issues and potential in processes enhancement. Ask the people, include theminto the process, and solutions wil emerge naturally, adapted to specific situations.

I have had this intuition for years: “One day, we’ll find solutions where 1 action will give creative solutions to multiple unsolvable issues – it will be by activating the best in all of us”.

It’s now ! The only thing to do is to prove together I am right !

This will be an enourmous step forward for humanity dear friends.

Michel de Kemmeter

UHDR UniverseCity founder


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