7D-Habitat instead of 3D

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Housing of tomorrow should meet value creation on 7 levels:


– Assets: what we do have already in our present situation as resources, assets, positive stuff, “matter”.

– Liabilities: what we have as negative things in our present situation, as liabilities, needs, assets, “antimatter”.

– Ideal vision: this is what we truly want in this issue, on this value level

– Solutions: these are the solutions to get there

1.2.1. Contribution to common good

– Assets:

– Liabilities:

– Ideal vision: housing which contributes to the social environment, to human progress, through communities

– Solutions: local fabrication with local materials with local people, youngsters, in accordance with local communities and neighbours

1.2.2. Knowledge

– Assets: we are able to build quite everything everywhere with technology

– Liabilities: we still don’t have generalized a affordable, ecological, sustainable way to build housing

– Ideal vision: knowledge base of plans, technologies, building principles, available

– Solutions: Pailletech, Chanvre-Chaux,

1.2.3. Communication

– Assets:

– Liabilities:

– Ideal vision: housing open to communities, and facilitating balanced communication inside families

– Solutions: websites, platforms and communities carrying the new building methods

1.2.4. Emotional

– Assets:

– Liabilities:

– Ideal vision: housing for happy families, happy people, encounter is possible with neighbours and communities, but privacy is also possible

– Solutions: in every area, village, promotion or hamlet, a project or community adding value to the local issues

1.2.5. Processes

– Assets:

– Liabilities: too expensive and impactful housing, unreliable and too expensive technologies & processes

– Ideal vision: easy to manage and maintain, long term viability

– Solutions:

1.2.6. Material

– Assets:

– Liabilities:

– Ideal vision: affordable, cheap to maintain and to renovate, easily adaptable and transformable

– Solutions:

1.2.7. Earth

– Assets:

– Liabilities:

– Ideal vision: positive earth impact, adding value to biotope, creating perspective, habitat for fauna, capturing CO²

– Solutions:


1.3. Subcategories

1.3.1. Ecological housing for country side

1.3.2. Ecological housing for city

1.3.3. Ecological industry building

1.3.4. Ecological office areas and buildings

1.3.5. Ecological shops and malls


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