The 12 things my daughter would tell Putin and Obama inside the G20


1. What will you think and feel the day before you die – will you be proud or ashamed of what you leave behind ?

2. Do you have basic common sense intelligence, or are you just scared ?

3. Your due date is approaching, get ready to go and retire, somewhere far away where no harm can be done to you.

4. The sooner we are rid of your generation, the better.

5. Do you guys give a flying sh.t about people ? Do you give a about our future ?

6. Are you able to listen to our generation, and just shut up without justifying ?

7. Do you have a heart or do you fake ?

8. What do you feel of yourself when you are brushing your teeth at night, in front of your mirror ?

9. Can you guess what will happen to you when your people will understand the lies of your old-boys-club governance ?

10. Do you breathe sometimes, just calmly, reconnecting to mother earth and to inspiring common good ?

11. Do you listen to your heart, to other people’s hearts ?

12. Please inspire us, make us believe we’re going to make it, together, for human progress – involve us, trust us.


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