12 ways to leverage transition : how a mosquito can nick a dinosaur


How to manage healthy transition – from the world of our parents to the world of our children ?


  1. Do with, no fight against : Insert doubt into hypnotic beliefs

Fighting for peace, or against big power in place with a “cause” is very tiring and dangerous. Better is “injecting doubt” is the system itself, with evidence of the contrary.


  1. Your presence is impact – feel and measure it : seek for light & team up – find usual suspects

The strongest way to inspire is to be the change what you would like to see in the world. The whole thing starts with yourself. Invest in your personal developpment, spiritual “reconnexion” to earth and common good, to the meaning of your personal history, to your unique talent – which was hidden by belief patterns and expectations of others. Your strong personality and energy will impact your surrounding without you having to “do” anything.


  1. Accept everything and let go

A tough issue. Events in your close and far away surrounding are there to speak to you, to show you a pathway. (1) accept them without judgement or resentment, (2) Let go your fears, limiting beliefs, accept your emotions and sufferings. Breathe in the present moment.


  1. Make a planetary scan of new entrants and emerging value

You are not alone to work on your preferred subject. Lots of people, everywhere in the world – even the most unexpected places – are innovating, inspiring, testing, benchmarking. Check constantly through your networks, on the web, what is going on – maybe somebody else will have re-invented the wheel that you can learn from, and you will be able to add your personal value to it.


  1. Test with the most demanding stakeholders, even small or underdog : connect resources and needs into projects serving common good

Your preferred stakeholders should be the most humble and demanding ones. Not the big egos who think they know. There is no room for common work and improvement there. They should have some pain somewhere, opening up precious space for new emergence. Most of the time, your preferred partners will be not where you expect them. Start with marginal, small, humble underdogs, or with stakeholders who are “nearly dead”, and thus obliged to explore new ways to innovate and survive.


  1. Detect areas where business is dying and others where business is emerging in connex areas

Every business area, societal vital function, is shifting – as we speak. Like tectonic movements. Its is losing business space on one side, and opening up new spaces, on the other side. Be on the good side, don’t cry the old – be ther where the action happens !


  1. Make your business case

A good idea is not enough. It’s going to be killed like the red monkey in the forest – right away. Do your business-case. Check out all issues, stakeholders, business models, needs and resources, and calculate where and how much value it will create, for whom, and on which level. Its like preparing the earth and planting the seed right, watering it right.


  1. Listen, talk, work, live and project goals with your heart

Listening and speaking with our brain is too limited. It has too many limiting beliefs and conditionings. Its is scientifically proven that including feeling, intuition, emotion, even love, is MUCH more powerful in serving purpose, in justess, in accuracy, in human progress. Learn to focus on your heart, your center, when you feel, you encounter, you talk, you project visions. There are hundreds of scientifically proven ways to empower this quality: mindfulness, meditation, …


  1. Qualify and Quantify immaterial assets and immaterial liabilities

To make an assessment of a situation, personal or organisational, check value and liabilities on 7 levels (see 7D-Value).

7 levels pic


  1. Alchemize liabilities together

Then, together, alchimise the liabilities, value antimatter, into strong and unique assets. Transform unknown into knowledge, fears and sadness into happyness and motivation,… etc


  1. Breathe value up and down, and around you : create multiple value streams

Then, let the value flow through yourself, up and down through the organisation, so it adds strength and resilience.


  1. Every heart that opens, every track that becomes viable, is automatically and unconsciously send « into the cloud »

Believe me, we are all connected. You are not alone. Everything you thing, every feeling or intuition goes into a cloud, and “egregore”, like your emaile or facebook groups who “think alike”. You can plus into those to tap energy and information. So, to change the world, send positive emotions, happyness, and constructive ideas into the ether, instead of complaints, anger, hate, depression, or hopelessness.

This is how Ghandi was right: become the change you want to see around you.


Michel de Kemmeter


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