If wars bring something positive…

What could it be ?

palestinien israelien

Around 2,000 in Israel and occupied territories in a few weeks, over 200,000 in Syria over 2 years, over 1,000,000 in Iraq over 2 decades, 200 million american indians (N&S) over 2 centuries, etc etc etc…

For whatever geostrategical, political or business-reasons… and…

Millions of people left behind without their loved ones – shell-shocked and scarred for life.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, children growing up without dear family members.

What on earth could this so huge sacrifice be good for ?

0 – It’s good for the business

A classical strategy to deal with crisis – some sort of « Phoenix », a tabula rasa, a way to shake people, economies, ideas, move them out-of-comfortzones… but the price is, frankly speaking, quite quite high. Least we can say. So lets consider this as a non-agrument – as also it’s a way to concentrate more power into a few hands, and rip off people from their belongings.


1 – Canalizing hatred

Consider this : it canalizes the hatred, the violence, the fears, out of people’s hearts of the rest of the world.

Like a collective consciousness « thunder » ; it fell there, yesterday in and around promised land (maybe it is ours too).

If humanity is one, these sacrifices are like collective furuncles, spitting out infection.

We all have a part of these inside ourselves. They materialized in reality somewhere specific, closeby or far away – and thanks God only in a few spots and not everywhere at the same time … so all our negative emotions and hatred could ba drained there. Just check on the social networks how much hate there still is in non war zones… on the web…


2 – Collective indignation

Another positive aspect : emergence of collective antibodies against crualty and bestiality of human beings. It is close to impossible not to see it – impossible to ignore hatred, crualty, primary bestiality and non respect for life. For some of us, a rizing majority, a sentiment of revolt against this behaviour and attitude is growing. Voices are heard which were not before, in all camps : indignation. Collective antibodies against negative emotions. Maybe the beginning of a new respectful, loving and grateful humanity.


3 – New wisdom

These last wars invited us to develop a new discernment. Mass manipulation was always used by the powerful to put people into wars. Now, humanity has started to understand that, and the agendas of our “big brothers” are being opened in full light – nobody can ignore that war is about business, money, power of a few – and not about families and humble people against other families and humble people. Maybe next time those who pilot these wars will have a few surprizes coming from their public… People will not want to enter blindly into antigonisms, but will manifest a new wisdom, integrating the differences… like crocus in late winter, pushing through snow. These kind of people are non manipulable because they have went out of dependance and fear, entering autonomy and self-confidence, personal power and authenticity.


4 – New spiritual aspirations

People seeing these sufferings awaken – after the natural stages of indignations, revolt, choosing a camp, fighting « against the bad ones they have chosen » – to more Love, compassion and connexion. Connexion to their own humanity and to others, to their homeland, to their identity, to the « common good » . This is a very positive « drive ». A good evolution which had to be pushed and provoked. Because we are too lazy to do it on our own, from home. So actually, the violence of a war can be a salutary event to wake up the « knights », these people of light, who can help others to develop autonomy, trust, excellence, compassion, love and gratitude. Look at all the miracles of life and of beautiful encounter that happen, under the radars, during wars.

5 – Conclusions

Now that all these dead people, these souls are liberated from earthly matters, we mourned them,… check what is left to us : learn from it, heal our own sufferings, fears, hatreds, and…

send love and light to those who were sacrificed, to their families and loved ones, be thankful to these souls who agreed to be sacrificed. Pray sincerely from our hearts – and ask for forgiveness to those who we hurted, consciously or unconsciously, dead or alive, closeby or far away.

And finally, reconnect to who we truly are and to this personal magic and light we can bring to the world.

And then – maybe, maybe – all these sacrifices will not be done in vain.


Michel de Kemmeter


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