Old Power out – New Power in… you’ll be surprized who it is !


The old “has been” power was:

1. Clergy: because spirituality is everywhere, in all tastes, in all kind of mixes, and… is finally free from dogma.

2. Professors: because knowledge is everywhere, very cheap of free available, and because most sciences have to be reinvented

3. Military: because wars are now much more on the web, with ideas and hackers

4. Politics: because they are totally lost facing sooo many challenges

5. Bankers and finance: they have to reinvent themselves to buy back the huge mess they have created (and if they don’t they are already dead)

and their secret societies protecting the “old” system with lots of ego, dogma and avidity.

The new “emerging” power is:

1. Experts and opinion leaders: Critical thinkers well connected with distributed expertise – because the world is sooo complex and without them we are lost, and the crowd has expertise which has to be channeled with constructive intention.

2. Communication and marketing: those who are able to create co-experience and interactions with stakeholders, consumers, public, and to the experts and opinion leaders of above – because clients and public are tough with brands now, and they aspire for new authentic values contributing to true progress.

3. Bright youth below 25: because they have the “thing” necessary to run tomorrow’s businesses, and because they want to be part of the solution, not taking part any more to a dying economy system.

4. Women and feminine qualities: because patriarchal systems are inefficient.

5. Visionary leaders and systemic entrepreneurs: because purpose mobilises bright people, builds tomorrow, and collaboration is much more efficient and way less risky.

Their emergent, not secret but “discrete” societies are young, intelligent, bottom up, distributed, with deep desire to serve common good. The are


Michel de Kemmeter & Philippe Drouillon


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