I am Charly in 7D

I Am Charlie in 7d


Lets go through our 7 levels of value to better discern what is going on and where are the real challenges in this situation.

1. Common Good

This whole shockwave – does it contribute to common good?

Well, at least the discussion about freedom of speech is open, and attached hypocrisy also starts to float in open air. People are now seeing true ins and outs of what is politically correct or not, what is deranging power in place, who pulls the strings and where,and why… We can openly critisize certain, but not others. On the other hand, of course, killing people does not serve common good. But in a way, their sacrifice today starts to pay off: consciousness raize – probably at Charlie Hebdo’s agenda for a long time, is provoked – at their own live’s expense – but very powerfully. Dive behind appearances, break judgements, approach the truth. We now are all facing our own positioning with our own beliefs, dogmas, fears, faiths. And this is virtuous dynamics. And maybe, incoherences will have to go on to extremes to become obvious… but at what price?

2. Knowledge

Does religious groups know and understand their dogmas, their true wisdoms ? Do they actually, know themselves – or do they prefer to follow the gregary energy of their cluster? “Know thyself” should be step one to wisdom. The Jihad is inside all of us, our personal war against our fears and egos. This global dynamics obliges us to learn to discern. Do we truly know the other? Do we approach the other with judgements or with openness? It opens up a whole “antimatter” of knowledge which imposes itself upon us. Thats good.

3. Communication

How do we communicate in our families, in our communities, and outside them? Does it add value or does it enhance fear and incomprehension? Are we violent in our personal communication, judging others without leaving room for each one to exist in his own story? More questions… again, we are the only ones who are able to answer them. Separation is galvanized by fear and unknown. Balanced and non violent communication is a way to understand the other and oneself.

4. Emotional

Does empathy equal affection? A strong collective shock can mobilize masses, and reach their hearts. Anger too, can be enhanced, resentment or collective sadness. But how is this feeling canalized? Is it towards more opening, more loving, more consciousness, or towards more fear and control and hatred? Maybe both… the one more visible than the other. Again, each of us can decide to tumble into constructive virtuous dynamics, or on the contrary, destroy quality of the heart. An individual choice.

5. Processes

Education, integration, immigration, people have never traveled more than ever in history. Move to work, to study, to follow dreams or loved ones. It is easier to shift continents than to open up our heart, enhance our curiosity or broaden our consciousness. This fact is working for us towards the “Tribe of Many Colors”, indian prophecy – or towards a united humanity. But the prerequisite will be to consciously open up to the other, and on how he or she can enrich us. Education processes, religion teachings and practices, social and legal frameworks, should be adapted to create fertile space for encounter. But again, it brings us to our own responsibility and rigor of opening up without judgements.

6. Material / financial

To better understand the challenges of our world, and its interests based on short term avidity and fear, one rule: “follow the money and power”. In this case, who is benefiting from the crime? Where does the power shifts towards? The answer is simple: more security, more control, more so-called “protection”. In short, more power to a centralized system where everyone deresponsabilizes a little more. Even the “good muslims” push away the responsibility “elsewhere” – where we don’t know… “it’s not us” – whereas in every muslim country mass anti-Charly demonstrations take place… When we zoom out, impossible not to see the evidence of the dependance of the western world to the wealth of resources is lots of muslim countries. And as always – the divide to reign motto – shows its efficiency. Peaceful relations boost prices… Its up to us to walk out of naivety, into lucidity.

7. Earth

Our connexion to earth, our native land, and to our land of welcome. Native cultures host new ones. Who is invited to what? To merge, to adapt, to inspire, to enrich? What is “right”? Shall we adapt to our culture of welcome, or shall we respect and cultivate our roots – being unrooted from our native land?

Again, it’s up to our good judgement to respectfully discern: can we encounter the other with the intention of seeing our commun humanity, and also learn from the wealth of differences?




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