About OtherWays

OTHERWAYS is a do-tank of experts developing tools for transition economy, for change makers, governments, companies, cities, regions and NGO’s. The aim of OtherWays to reach a sustainable economy in a human and financially sustainable way.

OtherWays offers structured and calibrated methods that work; valorizing, managing, developing and undertaking projects for tomorrow

Our Vision

Our vision is that the economy of tomorrow gives us the opportunity to all thrive. The economy is by and for humans. Intangible assets support the growth of collective wealth. The vision of Otherways is based on the values of the Systemic Economy developed by Michel de Kemmeter. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower changemakers to facilitate the transition to a sustainable economic model, both humanly and financially with concrete tools. Otherways is aim to develop new tools, jobs and businesses for tomorrow. 

Our baseline is: “Together, let’s transform today’s challenges into resources for tomorrow”





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